FCC 模块认证常见问题


Question 1: What options are available for parties other than the grantee or responsible party to apply or make changes to an existing modular grant?

Answer 1: The following options are for certified modules and for many other types of certified devices. The following discussion addresses modules, because actual end-use configurations often require changes in the scope of an authorization for devices that have been granted as modules.

Parties other than a module manufacturer may:

a) File for a new FCC ID:

1) Obtain a new certification for the entire host including the module, or obtain a new certification for the module. The new party is responsible for full compliance to all applicable rules for the new grant. There are no vested or transferable conditions in the original grant (initial grant or permissive changes) that are conveyed to the new grant. The new party must follow all the engineering and operations guidelines as specified by the original grantee.

2) For the new filing, it is permissible to upload relevant test reports from an original module filing, if they accurately represent test results under the new conditions described in the new application(s). When original results are used, the new applicant must provide a statement and explanations that the original test reports accurately represent test results under the new conditions. For each original test report, this statement must list the associated FCC ID, specific test report identifiers, and a description explaining how the report accurately represents test results under the new conditions. All exhibits for uploaded original test reports must represent the new device in its entirety. In this case, the module must be identical, and in the same configuration, in order for the original tests to apply. Thus, the original test report exhibit must, in its entirety, be the same as the test report contained in the original filing. A reference to only a section of an original test report, or uploading only a portion of an original test report, is not permitted. However, certain test data may be re-used if properly justified. For instance, conducted signal tests may be re-used if the power is verified to be the same. Any changes to hardware, hosts or co-location configuration require new radiated emission and SAR evaluation and/or testing.

3) Additional test reports can be provided to demonstrate full compliance under any new conditions of use. This includes testing to demonstrate new grant conditions without limited conditions (where imposed on an original module) or limitations, but with additional capabilities.

4) For example:  Limitations on simultaneous transmission conditions may be modified to include additional transmitters, or;  Restrictions to a specific host may be changed to include additional hosts.

b) File for a change in ID Certification (§ 2.933).

1) An applicant can only file for a change in ID for a certified module if they have written permission from the original grantee. The written permission from the original grantee shall be filed as a Cover Letter exhibit with the change in ID application and shall be signed or endorsed by an authorized representative of the original grantee.

2) The party filing for the change in ID may subsequently file a Class II permissive change to amend a grant and expand the operating environments tested by the original party, which may not have been applicable or necessary at the time. In some cases, the original party may be willing to file the permissive change, making the change in ID unnecessary.

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