TR CU Declaration of Conformity EAC

Customs Union Declaration-EACA similar document to the above mentioned certificate. According to the valid publications ofEurAsEC, all products divided into two parts and for some of them it is enough to issue TR CU Declaration of Conformity.

TR CU Declaration of Conformity can be issued for certain quantity, shipment base or for serial production up to 5 years.

To provide Customs Union Declaration of Conformity, factory audit by Experts and physical sample testing is NOT required. Annual inspection control is not applicable in the certificate validation period. All Declaration of Conformity of the Customs Union are registered in the Unified Register of
Declaration of conformity
issued using a common form.

Any Customs Union Declaration require a local Applicant Company, which is representing the Producers in the abroad. This company should be registered in the territory of Customs Union.

Declaration of conformity - it is confirmation of product quality, the process of declaration of conformity in Russia is not fundamentally different from the certification. Procedure declaration includes such steps as confirmation of product quality: laboratory testing, product testing protocol design and then issued a declaration of conformity.If the products are not subject to mandatory certification need to check whether the subject is not this type of product conformity declaration.Schema declaration of compliance can be divided into two types: domestic manufacturer declaration and registration of the declaration of the importer on the company (required Russian resident).
The Declaration of the Customs Union - a document issued under the Uniform Declaration of conformity of the Customs Union in which the manufacturer (supplier ) product to be in accordance with the Unified list of products mandatory assessment (confirmation) in a customs union with the issuance of common documents.

The advantage of this kind of certificate of registration is that it acts on the territory of the three states of participants: Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

This list includes products which are not yet adopted technical regulations of the Customs Union, once these regulations shall be adopted and enter into force, the products should be filled in already Certificate of Technical Regulations of the Customs Union or a declaration of conformity with technical regulations of the Customs Union.

Customs Union Commission Decision of 18 June 2010 № 319 Approved common form of declaration of conformity of the Customs Union .
Declaration of conformity to Customs Union conducted in accordance with :1. Technical regulations Customs Union (TR CU)

On the basis of the list of products to which the territory of the Customs Union set mandatory requirements (Commission decision number 526 of January 28, 2011 ) approved the development schedule and priority technical regulations adopted by some of them .

Declaration of conformity for products falling within the scope of data technical regulations may be issued after their entry into force.

2. Single list of products (for products for which there are no technical regulations Customs Union)

Pending the entry into force of technical regulations CU operates single list of products (approved by the Customs Union Commission number 620 of April 7, 2011) in respect of which set mandatory requirements of the Customs Union.

Lists, for which obligatory registration of declarations of conformity in the territory of the Customs Union, are contained in the technical regulations of the Customs Union, and before their entry into force - a unified list of products approved by the Customs Union Commission Decision of 7 April 2011 № 620.

To accurately determine the order which is required to issue a certificate for a specific product, you need to be guided as product name and code NS on it .

The applicant at registration of the declaration can be only the registered resident of the Russian Federation (the legal entity or the private entrepreneur).
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